Adverbs (adv)

Adverbs (adv)

i) Adverbial forms

One often make adverbs from adjectives by adding the ending -ly, ex: quickly
Some short adverbs is equal to the adjective, ex: little, fast, nice

ii) Comparison of adverbs

Adverbs are compared by using more and most, ex. An aeroplane moves more quickly than a car.

iii) Irregular adverbs

Here are some irregular adverbs: much - more - most, little - less - lest, good - better - best

iv) numeric adverbs

Numeric adverbs tell how many times something happen.
The first three of them are: once, twice, (trice). Elsewhere numeric adverbs are made by combining a cardinal with the world "times".
Examples: He asked him twice. I saw that boy eight times.

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